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Monday, July 7, 2014


Daily Mail UK - 

Java dentist invents musical drill to ease patients’ dental fears


Dental practitioner Dhanni Gustiana has tested out his unique  song-playing drill equipment during  procedures at his Indonesian dental surgery in Central Java.  

Mr Gustiana hopes to make those dreaded trips to the dentist slightly more bearable by using his custom-built   tool to lighten the mood.

He modified a conventional dentist’s drill to play music via an MP3 player instead of the custom buzzing sound usually associated with a dentist’s surgery.

The musical drill has proved popular with his younger patients, who can even request their   own music to make their day at the dentist     a bit more pleasant.
‘The children are not afraid of doctor, many of them are afraid of drill,’ he explained.

Dentist creates musical drill to ease patients’ chair fears

He added: ‘I modified this by putting a toy on the head of the drill and telling them that the toy will clean their teeth.’
He spent about six million rupiah (£370) modifying the instrument which comes complete  with its very own disco lights.
From Daily Mail UK/

Now there's another good reason to take a dental holiday to Asia - Phoenix Editor
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