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Monday, July 14, 2014


Will dental tourism become a thing of the past? Someday, you may be able to avoid dentists for things like the pain of the drill and the pain of paying for it with new teeth that grow themselves.  

Here's a Wall St. Journal report that gives hope to everyone who dreads a date with the dentist for a root canal or dental makeover. Things are changing so fast in the biomedical field that its hard for even professionals in the medical community to stay abreast of all the new developments.  

From the WSJ:  "Could the days of the root canal, for decades the symbol of the most excruciating kind of minor surgery, finally be numbered?

Scientists have made advances in treating tooth decay that they hope will let them restore tooth tissue—and avoid the painful dental procedure. 

Several recent studies have demonstrated in animals that procedures involving tooth stem cells appear to regrow the critical, living tooth tissue known as pulp."

Read the entire WSJ article: (WSJ Subscription required)

Especially wacky is the latest news on 3-D printing - do a news search on it if you are in the dark on the topic. They are printing all kinds of 3-D things with machines - useable houses, tools, human body parts and more! 

The mad bio-med scientists have been growing artificial skin, ears, noses and recently vaginas for some unlucky women born without one. And now teeth according to this recent story from the Wall Street Journal.

Even more crazy - is the recent re-creation of extinct species using dna.  A Wooly Mammoth is being grown at this moment using blood samples from a mammoth that was frozen in the Siberian tundra for 10,000 years. What next? T-Rex?

If you need to replace your teeth and cannot afford a full-mouth dental restoration - or like many these days - even a crown, consider taking a Mexican dental vacation to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta or even Asia! 

And remember - when taking a dental vacation - always select a board certified dentist - they cost the same as general dentists but are fully trained and certified for the kinds of dentistry most dental tourists want such as dental implants, root canals and cosmetic dentistry.

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Best to all!

David de Los Angeles