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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


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DENTAL TOURISM - Tip #1 On Finding the Best Dentist in Mexico, Asia or Eastern Europe 
By Phoenix Editor of Dental Tourism News Co

When going abroad on a dental vacation (also dental holidays) be sure to select a board certified dentist. They cost the same as far less-trained general dentists in developing nations yet have many additional years of specialist training that general dentists lack. 

Understand that it is legal for a general dentist in Mexico or Thailand to attempt advanced dentistry on patients even if the general dentist never attended a specialist school. This is due to the more relaxed consumer protection laws in developing nations. 

Visit the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association to find a certified  dentist in Mexico or Asia qualified to do the type of advanced dental procedures  you  are  seeking.  If you are looking to save on dental implants, veneers, cosmetic dentistry or an oral restoration - you  will  be  assured of  the best results  from  a  certified dentist  rather  than  a  less-skilled  general dentist. 

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