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Friday, August 29, 2014


Trends in the Dental Tourism Market
From the International Medical Tourism Journal

Summary: A study about the growth in the dental tourism market, dental tourism prices, the increase in both demand and supply and how providers will need to differentiate their offering to remain competitive.

Dental tourism has become a booming industry, where every dentist fights for his reputation and wants to be among the first options for the travelling patient.

But how easy is it and what does it take to be a competitive player in such an unpredictable industry? With increasing awareness of the potential of the dental tourism, more and more dental clinics are trying to get into the business of attracting foreign patients.
But unfortunately most are relying on the same message…. “We are the best dentists, we provide the best dental services, in the most beautiful location, and offer dental services at X% less compared to country Y prices for the same services.”

Patient choice in dental tourism

…How can the patient choose among the sea of dentists?

…What are the criteria used in finding the best dentist?

…How far will a patient be willing to travel for a dental crown or an implant?

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Thursday, August 7, 2014


The Beeb - Will he or won't he get married this time?

Justin Bebier may be heading for Cabo San Lucas to get married according to some recent news stories. To Playboy Magazine Playmate Alyssa Arce or Selena Gomez depending on where you place your bets.  And one dentist in Cabo is ready for them. Dr. Raphael Ramirez has been quietly doing cosmetic dentistry and oral restorations on celebrities in Cabo for almost 2 decades.
Unlike wannabe dentists-to-the-stars in Hollywood, the doctor plays down his connections to his clientele.  In fact, he has a virtual ban on celebrity headshot photos in his clinic. Not a single one.  He maintains a strict code of privacy.  

When I visit dental clinics in West L.A. and Hollywood, they all have celebrity photos – mostly from unknown entertainers and movie extras who pass their headshots around town like salesmen passing out business cards at a chamber mixer.
Doctor Ramirez is a board certified maxillofacial surgeon, cosmetic dentist, orthodontist and prosthodontist (artificial eyes, nose, ear, jaw).  Ex-substance abuse, cancer or trauma patients who have lost part of their noses or whose teeth have fallen out know of his expertise. And don't want publicity. At least this kind.

 He can help them get their face back. Not just their smile.  He’s the rock star’s dentist and a bit of a celeb himself.  But he doesn’t talk about it. I had to pry. And only because I struck up a conversation with an attractive Korean actress while we waited in his modest salon.  
 She was seeing Dr. Ramirez for a dental makeover as her smile is critical to her business. Being a fetish art performance artist of worldwide fame, her smile is about all she wears sometimes.. Her professional name is Kumimonster.

Cabo -  Dr. Ramirez
You can find Kumonster's GP & R-rated photos on the internet. She travels the world doing theatrical performances at alternative fashion, art shows, and corporate events and sells photos to online fans.

There was no performance art show in Cabo. Kumimonster was here on a true dental vacation. Scuba diving in Cabo’s marine preserve and Sand Falls was one of the highlights of her trip. Her gorgeous new smile was the other.
Justin Bieber has a nice smile – and he should, he’s so young.

And Bieber likely doesn’t need to worry much about money, but the rest of us do. So Hey World!  Cabo dentist Dr. Raphael Ramirz does 2x1 whitenings. But only if you are getting married.

Photo: Kumimonster

So get serious this time Beeb and make your plans for a wedding in paradise. BTW, who is the lucky girl going to be this week?  Alyssa Arce or is it time to get down on your hands and knees and crawl back to Selena?  I’m not prying, just thought I’d ask.

The world really wants to see you grovel.

By Emma Goodman
Cabo Free Press

Contact:  Los Cabos Board Certified Dentist Dr. Raphael Ramirez