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Wednesday, September 3, 2014



DATE: September 24, 2014
CONTACT: Sandra Jamala, President Board Certified Asia Dental Association               


Summary: Board Certified Dentist Associations in Mexico and Asia Offer Dental Tourism Referrals, Dentist Prices, Tips for a Successful Dental Holiday.

One of the primary missions of the Board Certified Asia Dental Association is to assist the dental tourist in finding dentists who are fully qualified for the dental procedures they need when they plan their dental holidays in Asia.  

According to the Association’s President Dr. Sandra Jamala most dentists in Asia are only general dentists who are trained in very basic dentistry. They are unqualified for the advanced dental procedures most dental tourism patients seek such as cosmetic dentistry, crowns, dental implants and veneers.
This is a big problem in many developing countries according to Dr. Jamala. General dentists often take advantage of patients from developed nations who assume incorrectly that any dentist who advertises dental implants, crowns or oral restoration is properly trained and fully qualified.
In many developing nations concepts dental patients from the West take for granted such as  truth in advertising and consumer protection laws go right out the window when the plane lands in Bangkok, Hong Kong or Cancun Mexico say Dr. Jamala.
The Board Certified Asia Dental Association based in Manila is the Asia dental chapter affiliate of the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association formed in Mexico City over 2 decades ago.
The BCAD association membership is open to all board certified dentists in Asia. Members are vetted by Association directors and are the best of the best according to Dr. Jamala. “Some are dental specialist college professors, others heads of oral or maxillofacial surgery departments in hospitals, others experts in cosmetic dentistry and implants or Presidents or Directors of their specialist associations.”  
Only a few certified dentists are selected for each city or country according to Dr. Jamala. “..the vetting process is tedious as we do check credentials.”  That saves the dental tourist much trouble and anxiety when searching for the right dentist for their needs.
This contrasts sharply with other dental travel agencies and dental tourism websites who promote any dentist who pay their subscription fees. The result is that there are many general dentists who are unqualified for advanced dental procedures in their listings.
Dr. Jamala notes that most dental associations including the American, Mexican and Royal Hong Kong Dental Association advise that patients will get the best results when they use a  board certified dentist for their advanced dentistry.   
The Board Certified Dentist Associations in Asia and Mexico offer patients free estimates, dentist referrals, dental holiday planning assistance, clinic ground transportation in some locales, and the assurance that you will be receiving the superior dentistry you expect and deserve for your money.
A good command of English is one of the Association’s membership requirements for dentists. That’s not much of a challenge for Philippine dentists as American English is the official national language of the Philippines and is used in government, business, schools and by your Board Certified Asia Dentist Association member dentists in Manila.

Contact The Board Certified Asia Dental Association for dentist in Manila, Bangkok, India,  Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.
Contact the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association for dentists in Tijuana, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Los Alogodones and other popular Mexico dental tourism destinations.
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