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Sunday, June 8, 2014

DENTAL HOLIDAYS IN ASIA for Affordable Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and More!

Asia Dental Holidays  by  the  Board Certified Asia Dentist Association
Inexpensive dentistry from dental implants and cosmetic dentistry to oral surgery can be found at Bangkok and Manila dentists.

You can have some incredible experiences when you visit a Thai dentist

A board certified trained Philippine dentist costs the same as general dentists who lack the added specialist training according to a recent survey by the Royal Hong Kong Dental Association.
Manila offers certified dentists who offer superior dental tourism services at affordable prices. It is perhaps due to the low cost of living, and staff costs by which Philippine dentists can readily provide top-notch inexpensive dental services compared to others in the same survey.
Other Asian dental holiday destinations such as Korea, Japan and Hong Kong were among the most expensive dental travel countries due to the high cost of living - especially rents, with treatments being as high as in some Western  cities.
The Hong Kong, American and Mexican dental associations all agree that it is always best to insist on certified dentists when traveling abroad for dental care for the best results, your safety and comfort. 

This is not a problem in most Western developed nations where one has to be a licensed certified specialist to perform root canals, veneers and implants - but not so in Thailand, China, Vietnam and some others. Be safe and go with a certified dentist in Asia - they usually cost about the same as a much less skilled general dentist anyway.

Manila and Bangkok dental clinics often have the same equipment and supplies as Western clinics ordered from the same international dental supply houses.

Seek advice from trusted professional dental travel agencies that offer certified specialist dentists. But be wary of them as they don’t always have the will, resources or know-how to vet dentists in a foreign country any more than you.
Stories of nightmarish dental experiences have become the stuff legends are made of for Westerners who avail services from general dentists in Asia and in Mexico, unaware of the serious differences between a general dentist and a certified dentist. And more importantly, in many countries - general dentists are permitted by custom to learn advanced dentistry on-the-job!
The nice surprise for dental tourists visiting Manila is that American English is the national language. You don’t have to know how to say “ouch” in Maylay or Mandarin.  Australians, Americans and Brits are the biggest visitors to Manila according to Board Certified Asia Dentist Association's spokeswoman Sandra Jamala. "Australian dentists send us a lot of patients who can't afford a Sydney cosmetic dentist or Brisbane dental implant." 
The Hong Kong survey indicated Thailand and the Philippines as the most popular destinations for dental holidays. Certified dentists from these countries offer a wide range of dental treatments such as crowns, bridges, dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants at a price far less than with their US, UK or Australia dentist often using the same materials and equipment ordered from the same international dental supply houses.

The  Board Certified Asia  Dentist Association  is one  agency  to  contact  if  you   want  to  obtain services  from   certified  dentists  in  Asia  at  an affordable  price.  They claim to be the only Asia dental  holiday   agency  that   represents  board certified Bangkok and Manila dentists exclusively.


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Author Dr. Nelson Henry DMD owns 2 clinics in Maine USA and the About Mexican dental travel guide website that specializes in dental vacations to Mexico's popular beach resort communities such as Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.  


Dental Holidays in Asia post for the Board Certified Asia Dentist Association.

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