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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Mexico Dental Vacation Checklist

By The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association.

The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association makes these recommendations for people considering a Mexican dental vacation or dental holiday: 

1. If you  want  a good price quote before heading south  to  visit a  dentist in Mexico  -  email  a  copy  of  your  dentist's  treatment   plan,  x-rays  or  panoramic  (if  available)  to   the  dentist  in Mexico.     

The  more  information  the  Mexican  dentist  has,  the  more accurate quote he can make.   Photos  of  your teeth are  almost  as  good  as a  clinical analysis.   If none of the above are possible - don't  worry, x-rays  (except panoramic x-rays)   are  gratis  at  most  of  our  member clinics. Panoramics  for dental  implants etc. are only  $60us  in Mexico.

2. Try  to  know  how  many crowns, bridges, dental implants etc.  you require and  detail it all  in  the Mexico dental clinic's Contact Form.   Note  any  health  issues  the  dentist  should  be  made  aware of.

3. Be sure to visit the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association site to find a certified  dentist in Mexico qualified to do the type of procedure(s)  you  are  seeking.  Unless  you  are  having  a  routine  cleaning,  drilling  or  filling  -   you  will  be  assured of  the best results  from  a  certified dentist  rather  than  a  less-skilled  general dentist in Mexico.

4. Get   a   free   estimate  and  dental  travel  advice  from  a   Board  Certified  Mexico  Dentist  Association staff member.  BCMD  Assn.  Member  dentists rely  on the  staff  to  quote  foreign  patients in  English  and  schedule  appointments.   Most  accept major credit cards,  dollars  or pesos.

5. Note your proposed travel dates with BCMD to be sure  the  dentist  can  accommodate you. Mexican dentists love  vacations too  –  especially at year end  and  often  for  2-3 weeks.   The BCMD  staff  will  check  dentist  calendars,  forward to you  resumes,  estimates,  and  set   your appointments  for  you  without  cost.

6. Obtain a US passport  –  it usually takes 3 days to 4 weeks depending on the level of service you pay for. You can get the forms online or pick them up at any US post office.

7. Mexican  visas  are for  6 months  and are given out by the  flight attendants in flight. If driving, always  be sure  to purchase short-term Mexican auto insurance online or at the border.

8.  BCMD Assn.  members  will  provide  local ground transportation for clinic appointments and  some even assist with border crossings.

9. If planning  a  dental  vacation to  a  Cabo, Cancun, Tijuana/San Diego  or  a  Puerto Vallarta  dental  clinic  -  be  sure to bring sun bloc,  hat and sunglasses.

10.  Let a Board Certified Mexico Dentist Patient Adviser take the uncertainty and  guesswork out of selecting the right dentist for your specific requirements. You will be assured that you will be getting the right dentist fully accredited and certified for the procedures that you need. 


The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association and receive a Free Mexico dental cost estimate, dentist resumes, referrals, appointment setting, clinic appointment ground transportation, updates on clinic specials and dental tourism information. And all without cost or obligation. The Board Certified Dentist Association has member dentists in Los Cabos, (Cabo, Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo), Cancun, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, La Paz, Los Algodones,  Tijuana, Mexico City and other locations in Mexico.

About Mexican  a US affiliate and  the only Mexico dental tourism guide website owned by an American dentist dedicated to helping patients find affordable dentistry in prime Mexican dental vacation destinations of Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. 

Article by Phoenix Editor

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