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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AMERICA THE TOOTHLESS by David de Los Angeles

TOOTHLESS AMERICANS..  Approximately 50% of Americans were toothless 100 years ago. 

By David de Los Angeles

Where would we be today without modern dentistry? Instead of novacaine, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and sleep dentistry - American dentists 100 years ago preferred whiskey and Mexican dentists used tequila (natch) to ease the pain. Cold Margaritas work for me.

Dental fillings were once made from melted gold coins. Since pure gold is a soft metal, the fillings eventually came loose and fell out or were swallowed. Oops.

Oh the pain of it all!  The toothache pain, the pain of the treatment and the pain of paying the dentist. When will the suffering ever end?  Excluding suicide - here's how you can live another day.

If you live within driving distance of the US/Mexico border - take a day off and hop across the border - you'll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your treatments. 

If more than 5 hours driving time - and your treatment in the US will cost $3,000us or more - take a flight to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta or Tijuana/San Diego and have a great dental vacation. You will may have mucho dinero left over after all travel and dental expenses depending on the treatments required.

A dental vacation to exotic Thailand or the Philippines is in the cards for those with more than a week to spare. The savings on a few crowns will more than pay the airfare. And the vacation part will be priceless. 

 If you are having a major treatment such as a cosmetic dental makeover that costs $40,000 to 100,000us in the USA - pick out the new car you will buy with your savings when you return from your dental vacation. 

Know before you go. Dental Travel News Co features articles, information and assistance in finding top board certified dentists in Mexico and Asia for the dental procedures most dental tourists are looking for including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, crowns, veneers, oral surgery, tmj disorder, orthodontics and more. 

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Always remember the important advice of the American Dental Association regarding dental tourism:  "Be sure to use the services of a board certified dentist when having advanced dental treatments abroad." 

Board certified dentists cost the same as general dentists in most developing nations - and they have the skills you need to get your dental work done right. If you end up in a less-skilled general dentist's chair for your cosmetic dental makeover - you may have your makeover done over. How painful. 

Rest assured - Dental Tourism News Co only recommends board certified dentists.

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