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Saturday, June 7, 2014

CANADIAN SAVED $8,000 on DENTAL IMPLANTS While Enjoying a Cabo Dental Vacation

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By Juana Nayarit

 A patient from Canada saved $8,000 on dental implants in Mexico. He paid for his Cabo dental vacation and  then  some..

Mr. Dale Sanders was wriggling sand between his toes on Cabo's Medano beach while enjoying  a  cold  margarita  and  dazzling fellow tourists with a new set of pearlies… purchased for a price way less than back home in freezing cold Alberta.

"I needed three to four implants  and  I  was  looking at  $16,000-$20,000  for  them,  which just really killed me.," said Sanders, 57.    So he began researching out-of-country alternatives, but did so with a lot of initial skepticism.

Searching Mexican dentists on the Internet, he'd become familiar with horror stories  related  by those unfortunates  who  landed in the chairs  of  dodgy  general  dentists,  leaving  them  with  a  mouthful  of trouble  that  needed expensive repair work once they'd returned  home.

"I researched over the last 6 months about dentistry in Mexico and was determined to find a board certified dentist,  but  I  was  still somewhat nervous to go," said Sanders.

"There are incompetent dentists in Mexico as anywhere else,    but the biggest problem is when general dentists in Mexico try (and often succeed) is passing themselves off as specialists."   He  adds:  "One has to be careful to not end up in a clinic for major work that  is run by a  general dentist  who  hasn't the extra years of dental specialist  training  a  board  certified dentist has."   After  two enjoyable Cabo San Lucas jaunts,  the Albertan said he received four perfect dental implants for just over $8,000.

Even with the cost of travel figured in,  Sanders said he  likely  cut his dental  expenses  in half by seeing a Cabo dentist.   "It was not even near to what it would have  cost  me  in  Canada,"  he said.   "I'm extremely happy -  I can smile and chew my food once again... and I had a lot of fun in Cabo."

                               Whale Watching Tours are a popular activity for dental tourists in Cabo

The Cabo dental vacation experience was great,  he said,  and more trips  to  the  dentist  in  Cabo  are  in his plans for next year.  "I think many more people are going to be seeing that dental work abroad is a good idea,"  and  as  long as the  patient  uses the services of a certified dentist  in  Mexico they will get the same quality work they are used to back home."

Dental Prices Mexico vs. Calgary Dental Prices

Dental Cleaning: Calgary -- $140; Mexico -- $40-60
Porcelain/metal crown: Calgary -- $1.500;  Mexico -- $450
Single tooth X-ray: Calgary -- $31; Mexico – $10 or free with treatment
Laser whitening: Calgary -- $600-750;  Mexico - $300                                                                            
Implant: Calgary -- $5,000; Mexico -- $2,100

For a  free  online  consultation with board certified dentists in Mexico  -  including  dentists in  Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana, Los Algodones, Cancun, Guadalajara  and other dental vacation destinations  -  visit  the Board  Certified  Mexico  Dentist  Association website.

The Mexico dental specialist organization is supported by its certified dentist members and does not charge patients for it's dental estimating and referral services.

They have English speaking staff who will assist you in locating the right specialist for your specific  dental  needs  from root canals and crowns to cosmetic dental makeovers, oral surgery, dental implants, tmj disorders and more.

CONTACT: the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association 

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