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Saturday, June 7, 2014

DO YOU HAVE TMJ DISFUNCTION? Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Affects Millions of People

Many people have TMJ dysfunction also known as temporomandibular joint disorder which cause pain  in the jaw, joints, neck etc.  Cabo Cosmetic Smiles clinic owner dentist Dr. Guillermo limon has clinics in Tijuana and Cabo San Lucas where he treats patients with TMJ in addition to orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. 

TMJ is a little understood dental, maxillofacial, muscular, nerve disorder that makes life miserable for millions..

Many people today  suffer  Temporomandibular  Joint Disorder (TMJD), also known as TMJ. Some patients feel constant  headaches  and  earaches,   followed  by noises, popping,   clicking  when opening  and  closing,   or simply not being able to open and close the mouth.

Fatigue  and/or  pain  in  the  neck,  back,  hips,  knees, shoulders and arms are often accompanied with nausea, depression, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.

The   symptoms  aforementioned  are  associated  with   a cranial cervical  mandibular  dysfunction  well  known as TMJ dysfunction.

TMJ dysfunction has been documented since the Hippocrates era. Until today, we have not been able to standardize, define, diagnose or treat it. This has caused many misdiagnosis, incorrect treatments, and high quantities of medical prescriptions.

The ideal is to reach a correct BIOLOGICAL-NEUROMUSCULAR equilibrium. In short – a  pain-free jaw, face, head, neck, shoulder  and leg muscles.

Dr. Guillermo Limon is recognized  as one  of the leading specialist dentists in the country of  Mexico   for diagnosing and treating TMJ dysfunction. If you are suffering from TMJ, Dr. Limon can certainly help you,  either  in  his new Cabo San Lucas or Tijuana dental clinics.

Cabo dentist Dr. Limon is a past president of the Baja Dental Association, member of the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association, orthodontist, tmj specialist, cosmetic and general dentist. He and his associate specialists perform dental implants, oral surgery and more in Cabo and Tijuana. A patient can visit their Tijuana or Cabo San Lucas dental clinics for their treatments as the specialists divide their time between locations.

CONTACT Los Cabos dentist Dr. Guillermo Limon for a free estimate:

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