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Friday, September 26, 2014



Los Cabos Dental Tourism Patients Aided by Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

Date: Sept. 26, 2014                                                                                                                         Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Mexico                                                                                   Contact: Marc Tejada                                                                                                                       email: certifiedmexdentist@gmail.con

The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association has dentist members in Mexico’s major cities and resort towns including Cabo San Lucas which was recently devastated by hurricane Odile.   

Upon seeing the disaster unfold, Association President Carla Sanchez was able to contact local Cabo dentist members and get an assessment as to the extent of the damages.  “Our patients who have appointments for October and November need to know the estimated time for repairs,” said one association staffer.

One clinic was unscathed and another suffered minor damage and would be ready for patients in a matter of days according to reports. However, as of the 25th of September, only 50% of power has been restored to the community and there is much destruction to local resorts that may take another 2 to 3 months to repair.

Dentists use a lot of electricity - sterilizers, x-rays, the operatory chair, water pumps, office equipment, lighting etc.  Singer still sells foot-pedal powered sewing machines in Mexico and other countries, but foot-pedal operated dentist drills have been unseen in Mexico for 50 years or more.

If Cabo bound patients have bookings at major resorts that suffered damage there may be alternative lodgings available at other hotels off the waterfront.  The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association staff is available to assist patients in finding lodging in Los Cabos or rescheduling the patients with other certified dentists in other Mexican towns such as Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana and Cancun.
Dental Tourist patients wishing an appointment with a board certified dentist in Mexico can visit the Association’s website at:  Board Certified Mexico Dentist Org

The Association staff has professional patient advisers who can give Mexico dentist prices, estimates and referrals to certified dentists in Mexico.

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Board  Certified  Mexico  Dentist  Association  members  are comprised  of professional  dentists   in Mexico who  advocate  continual  learning  in  the  art  and  science  of  cosmetic  dentistry, dental implants, oral restorations and other internationally recognized specialties.  Our members maintain the highest standards of professionalism and support Mexico dental tourism.


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